Midi skirts

Vintage midi skirts, with their unique length just below the knee, rich fabrics, and a myriad of patterns, offer an exclusive charm to any outfit. By choosing to purchase second-hand midi skirts, you're not just enriching your wardrobe, but also promoting the sustainability of the circular economy and reducing the carbon footprint of new clothing production. These midi skirts have already stood the test of time, making them a reliable and unique choice for any occasion. Our assortment is ever-changing, ensuring you always find that one-of-a-kind addition to your closet!

Fabric and Materials

Vintage midi skirts first gained popularity in the ‘40s and ‘50s. The bellow-knee length was considered a proper, conservative style, a departure from the trendy floor-length dresses. Today, by choosing second-hand midi skirts, you can channel the nostalgia of eras passed by and build your unique style. These kinds of skirts were made of different materials: a woolen skirt would be a perfect fit for a crisp autumn or even winter day, a silken one would undoubtedly make you feel like a princess while the sheen of the fabric would reflect the sunlight, rayon would provide unrestricted movement, as well as cotton or polyester. 

Color Palette and Patterns

Used midi skirts boast a vibrant array of colors: magenta, red, mint, orange, yellow, and more. When it comes to patterns, you'll find everything from classic animal prints and plaid to timeless florals and playful polka dots. This exciting mix of colors and patterns is perfect for elevating your everyday look. Pair a floral, plaid, or animal print skirt with a plain white shirt or a T-shirt of a similar color, and you'll instantly have a unique, one-of-a-kind retro look. And if you're looking to make a bold statement, our black leather midi skirt will create a sharp, Matrix-like look that's sure to turn heads.

Popular Brands

Our shop proudly offers a wide range of popular vintage brands, each exuding its unique sense of elegance and sophistication. For example, Burberry vintage midi skirts may showcase the brand’s iconic check pattern and a subtle accent as the focal point of the design, while Christian Dior’s midis may feature delicate embroidery or luxurious embellishments. Let’s not forget the playful yet elegant Escada, featuring bold colors and vibrant prints that add a touch of drama and flair to the whole look.

Related Accessories

If you found your perfect vintage midi skirt, congratulations! But don’t forget to choose some related accessories, which will only strengthen your piece's retro charm and timeless elegance. A vintage straw hat will elevate the look to the next level, while dainty vintage sandals will provide perfect footing for a stroll at a breezy beach. On the other hand, a pair of vintage kitten heels will elegantly transform your outfit.

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