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Vintage women’s dressing gowns. Why wear a bathrobe when you could have a vintage dressing gown to take your style to the next level? Dressing gowns were a staple dressing choice back in the day – and not only did people wear them to breakfast, but they also used them to layer other clothes for the ultimate fashion statement. Plus, these unique pieces were unisex, so you could always choose a matching pattern for everyone in your household. And guess what? Dressing gowns are back with a bang! These pieces, unlike bathrobes, feature beautiful designs that take away from the basic nature of house wear. And instead of having toweling as the main fabric, you can choose from an array of other materials that feel comfortable on the skin. So, if you’re looking for casual relaxation wear that still exudes personality and style, you cannot go wrong with our vintage dressing gowns. Choose from our vast vintage dressing gown collection based on your preferred colors, patterns, and sizes.

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