Fancy Dresses

Timelessly beautiful vintage fancy dresses don’t exude simply style and sustainability – they also offer a budget-friendly option for any fashion-conscious individual. Any fancy dress you choose will undoubtedly have some history – who whore it before you? What did they feel and do in that particular dress? The only thing left to do is purchase it and add some more happy memories of your own. Buying vintage style fancy dresses adds a unique charm to your wardrobe, reduces carbon emissions related to making new clothes, and promotes a circular economy. By ensuring you don’t partake in any fast-fashion chain, you’ll take care of the environment – today, it’s especially important. In addition, browsing virtual racks of used fancy dresses will promote a sustainable way of life, you won’t have to tighten your belt and will undoubtedly discover hidden gems!

Vintage Dresses by Style

Vintage fancy dresses often include style elements that you’d hardly find today, and that’s excellent – what better way to stand out than to tap into the timeless retro charm? By browsing in our shop, you’ll undoubtedly find some puff sleeves – this timeless façon dates back all the way to the Renaissance. Initially, it was called the Juliet sleeve and features a large puff near the shoulder that narrows for the rest of the arm’s length – so romantic! If you seek chic, smoldering elegance, choose a vintage slip dress – they first became widely worn in the last decade of the 20th century as part of the underwear-as-outerwear trend and mainly were made from layered chiffon, polyester satins, and charmeuse, sometimes trimmed with lace. Another element you’ll notice in our second-hand fancy dresses is the halter neck. It’s believed that this particular style originated in Ancient Greece. Still, in modern fashion, it was popularized by the one and only Yves Saint Laurent – choose a vintage halter neck dress and channel that ‘60s charm! 

Fabric and Materials

Second-hand fancy dresses feature various cute, elegant, and timeless materials. For example, finding a chiffon dress will immediately elevate your outfit to a princessy plain – it will most likely feature the aforementioned puff sleeves, so you’ll look like you’re the next in line for the throne and look cute at the same time. You’ll also notice some satin dresses – the unmistakable, silky sheen will make you stand out in any crowd and undoubtedly exude the timeless, retro chic we’re going for here. Of course, if you want to go extra and leave some jaws hanging open, don’t be shy and go for our vintage silk dresses – this fabric is synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and royalty. 

Popular Brands

At Think2, you can find popular vintage brands, such as Christian Lacroix. The latter introduced his own version of the short puffball skirt, le pouf, and other opulent, fantasy-rich creations: corset, crinoline, folklore, and hot colors – all in one place. Joseph Ribkoff dresses will infuse you with gentle fluidity – these vintage fancy dresses, thoughtfully designed for daring and elegant women, will ensure an achieved look and turn heads everywhere you go.  

Related Accessories

If you find the perfect vintage fancy dress, remember to complement it with some vintage accessories. Our assortment changes daily, so look for some unique, dainty brooches or pins that would go nicely with your chosen dress – a little bling goes a long way. In addition, a jingly bracelet with some pearls and a splash of color will give some more retro chich to your look. Don’t forget the shoes – look for dainty ballerina flats or choose vintage heels if you want to add some elegant leanness to the look. No matter how you choose to complement your final outfit, we’re sure that the outcome will be superb!

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